The Syndicate Present: DJ Storm and MC Rage




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DJ Storm is recognized by all and sundry within the Drum & Bass world as the 1st lady of Drum & Bass music and one of the most highly respected DJs on the scene. Her credibility and credentials as a founding figure in Drum & Bass are unquestioned; in fact she was one of the people who introduced Goldie to this music. Known for tight mixing and impeccable selection, she's bringing her signature sound to China Doll on April 17. MC Rage is one of the most talented MCs around & has held down residencies at Metalheadz, Tru Playaz, Renegade Hardware & T.O.V, and Mass events, all the while touring the world. Both artists represent Goldie's Metalheadz record label.

Venue: Club China Doll
No.201 Tongli Bulding 43,Sanlitun (North Street), Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

DJ Storm


The biography of DJ Storm’s career has changed dramatically in the last few years. Tragically her best friend and DJ-ing partner, Kemistry, was suddenly killed in a car accident as they were returning from a gig in April 1999. The pair were a unique and pioneering element in our scene, as the only female duo in the circuit, each with a strong identity which perfectly complemented each other’s style. They were even quoted in interviews as saying they felt like one person, and there was not a moment they could imagine working separately.

Having the music beside her, Storm has found a way to carry on as an artist. As what she and Kemi shared, more than anything else, was this undeniable passion for drum’n’bass. So with her dubplates in hand, she continues the journey, with an angel in mind and the bass to keep her moving.

The Djing career of Kemisty & Storm had progressed gradually over the years. They were first turned onto jungle in the early raving years, at the legendary UK club Rage at Heaven, listening to the inspiring tracks dropped by Fabio and Grooverider. They became obsessed with the music and clubbing lifestyle, and knew they had to be a part of it. Hence a passion was born and the girls were busying themselves, raving, buying tunes, and mixing. The partnership in d’n’b began and the outcome was Kemisty & Storm. At this time the girls also met a young artist by the name of Goldie, who they introduced to this new and futuristic sound. They began a friendship or a ‘trinity’ and built an empire along the way.

The empire began with the label, Metalheadz. Kemistry & Storm were an integral part of the uprising of this most-respected imprint, by recruiting artists, and working on press and promotion for the label. The girls were also residents at the Headz legendary club night at Blue Note in London, which to this day is thought to be the best Metalheadz venue in history. Not only that, but as jungle was evolving into drum’n’bass, the girls were spreading their wings as DJs at Speed, alongside residents Fabio and LTJ Bukem.

The duo became highly respected as DJs through their hard work, determination, respect and kindness, and of course their skills. They were becoming more and more popular in the DJ circuit and regularly played alongside heavy hitters or headlined their own gigs all over the world: from Europe to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, America, and of course the UK. Frequently playing in Germany the girls really felt a connection there. They had a high profile mix-CD released by German label K-7, which showcased their talent and unique mixing abilities and great selection, which in turn propelled their success to the next level. Sadly, soon after the promotional tour for the CD ended, and at the height of their career, the girls were involved in a motorway accident were Kemistry was tragically lost.

Not surprisingly, the best mate of Kemistry was unimaginably devastated. But what was a surprise to all of us was her ability to carry on after such a tragedy. After a couple months, Storm was back out there, for the first time traveling and performing on her own as a DJ. She even flew to Japan to do a couple gigs alongside Cleveland Watkiss, showing the world that she is beyond strong.

Now nearly 9 years after the tragedy, the First Lady of drum’n’bass is still here, not just surviving but rocking the decks worldwide, growing from strength to strength as a DJ and as a person. In addition to her big UK following, she is regularly rocking the decks in Germany where she holds two guest residencies, as well as Italy, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, and visiting far reaching places like Spain, Latvia, Bulgaria, Iceland, Russia, Poland, Israel, Romania, Croatia and Macedonia. Beyond Europe, she has and still does grace the decks regularly in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Japan, and other Asian countries such as South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore and China.

She was also the press officer for Valve a few years back. In addition she has on several occasions lectured at the Red Bull Music Academy, where she was teaching young DJs just what it takes to be a d’n’b artist. The Academy flew her out to Sao Paolo, Brazil as well as Vienna and Zurich to have the lady represent the finest in d’n’b talent.

First and foremost however, Storm is still involved with her longtime affiliate, Metalheadz. For the legendary label, she has mixed the ‘Winter of Content’ cd which was released in October 2005, and was promoted with worldwide tours well into 2006.

2007 was another busy year for Storm. Her latest project is the collective Feline. This group features DJ Storm, Flight, Alley Cat, Miss Pink and vocalists/MCs Chickaboo, Deeizm and Ayah + special guests. They have a successful club night at London’s Herbal club in Shoreditch, as well as Feline feature-nights abroad which in 2007 covered Cardiff, Milan, Budapest, Tallinn, and Graz. 2008 already sees more offers coming in. For the latest details check

In the second half of 2007 she also received plenty of much deserved press attention. A rarity for a non-producer, she bagged herself a K-Mag (formerly Knowledge Mag) Cover feature in Summer, only to top it up with an ATM mag cover mix-cd featuring a ‘history of Metalheadz’ mix. This mix was to help promote the newly established Metalheadz Sunday Sessions at London’s Clockwork club which Storm does not only serve as a resident but also as a promoter and programmer for all bi-weeky line-ups.

MC Rage

MC Rage

MC Rage was introduced into the world of music via his family home where it was forever present, giving him a healthy love for all forms of music. Checking out his own family’s musical roots you’ll come across the legendary Reggae imprint Studio 1, home to Bob Marley and Rage’s Uncle who performed & produced under the artist name of Michigan & Smiley. Seeing them tour the UK in the 80s inspired him to start writing lyrics. Continuing to listen to Reggae, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Rock & Hip-Hop and growing up amongst the Hip-Hop movement of the late 70s & early 80s confirmed his interests in rapping & performing whilst listening to artists like Doug-e-Fresh, Big Daddy Kane, Eric B & Rakim, LL Cool J, Public Enemy, and Tribe called Quest ... to name but a few!

Rage’s own career started out in the early 90s in the massive underground music scene that was developing in & around East London. Friends of his were putting on parties & setting-up local pirate radio stations, and, knowing of his interest, he was a natural choice to host their shows & parties. This was just the beginning for Rage.

By the mid 90s Rage had made a reputable name for himself within the UK Drum & Bass scene. His first residency was at Desire, one of the UKs longest running rave events, and this gave him time to develop his style & lyrical flow. Soon after Rage was to go on to hold residencies at some of the UKs seminal Drum & Bass events: Tru Playaz @ Fabric, Metalheadz @ London, Renegade Hardware & T.O.V. at The End Club, Mass, and London, Prototype, and Grace events @ Fabric & Herbal. Worldwide tours were also major highlights for Rage, performing with DJ Hype (Tru Playaz/KISS FM), Fabio (Radio 1/Swerve), Goldie (Metalheadz), DJ Storm (Metalheadz) & the legendary Grooverider (Radio 1/Prototype/Grace).

Rage’s lyrical skills enabled him to travel the globe, touching down in Europe, USA, Japan, Australia & New Zealand, South America, Russia & Dubai. From early 2000 right through to 2004 Rage went onto to appear at festivals throughout the UK & Europe; Creamfields (Dublin & Liverpool, UK), Homelands (Winchester, UK), Dance Valley (Amsterdam, Holland), Rotterdam Street Parade (Holland) & world-wide Big Day Out (Australia & New Zealand). This gave Rage the opportunity to tour alongside Chemical Brothers, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Primal Scream & Basement Jaxx. The corresponding raise in profile got him noticed by Coca-Cola, who incorporated him into a global Coca-Cola campaign.

Continuing work with Fabio & Grooverider gave Rage the opportunity to host their Radio 1 Live broadcasts in the UK & Europe, including the BBCs coverage of Exit Festival events, and several other guest appearances

Support lineup

Two floors of action - dnb upstairs, techno and mashups downstairs.

Upstairs - DNB

DJ Support Elemental, Blackie, Mael, D-Rail, w/ MC Terra D

First Floor - Techno and mashups

Lineup TBC

Thursday April 17th, 10-late

30RMB after midnight, free before.